Meghan Markle’s Dad Reveals That He Hung Up On Prince Harry After Staged Picture Scandal

Thomas Markle just revealed in a new interview that he hung up during a tense phone call with their Prince Harry before his wedding to Meghan Markle!

Thomas Markle is opening up about the emotional phone call he had with Meghan Markle‘s husband Prince Harry just days before the two got married and based on what he revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail, it did not go well. Just days after Thomas’ staged picture scandal and his subsequent hospitalization for a heart attack, Prince Harry reportedly confronted Thomas on the phone for cooperating with the paparazzi, saying, “If you had listened to me this would never have happened”. According to Thomas, he told Harry, “Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead… then you could pretend to be sad.”

“Then I hung up.” Thomas went on to say. However, when it comes to his daughter and son-in-law, Thomas holds no ill will. “I’m not mad at Harry,” he added. “I’m not mad at Meghan. I love them. I wish them well. But as for the rest of it, f*** it. I’m done.”

We reported earlier how devastated Meghan was after a recent interview where he said he might be “better off dead” and how she doesn’t think Thomas will come try to visit her unannounced. “Meghan doesn’t believe her dad will actually follow through with his plan to come to the UK unannounced, though,” a source close to Meghan told HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. “She’s sure he was manipulated into saying it for shock value. That’s one of the most horrifying things about these set up interviews her dad is doing. Meghan can clearly see how people are using and manipulating her dad. It’s makes her so sad.”

However, despite Thomas’ random outbursts in interviews like his most recent one, Meghan and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton have grown close. “Meghan and Kate are becoming extremely close, and Kate’s friendship has been invaluable to Meghan recently as she tries to deal with all the emotions she’s feeling over her father’s media outbursts,” another palace insider EXCLUSIVELY told us. “Kate has a great attitude, and always manages to make Meghan smile, no matter how terrible she may be feeling.”

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