Kim Kardashian Vs Kylie Jenner Which Sister Is HOT With Plump Pout

Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner both posted pics on their Instagram showcasing their amazing lips! Which sister rocks the hottest pout though? Decide for yourself here!

It’s a battle of the lips! Within the same 24-hour time frame, both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner posted pics of their pouts on Instagram. And to make the posts a little more competitive, the two photos showcased Kim and Kylie’s respective makeup lines. This obviously begs the question — which of their pouts is better for modeling their makeup? Kim’s or Kylie’s? While you decide which set of lips is sexiest, check out both of their pics (and low-key makeup ads) below!

Apparently, Kylie’s recent decision to ditch her lip fillers is an attempt to become more approachable to her fan base. ”Even with all the success she has had and the fact that Forbes talked about her fast track to being a billionaire, Kylie still feels she is not taken as seriously as she would like to be,” a source close to Kylie EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She wants to be considered more real to her fans and detractors. She wants to be approachable and business like. Going with a more natural look is something she is trying so that she is considered as a more serious person.”

Meanwhile, in more serious news, Kim has been worried about her husband Kanye West‘s health following his recent trip to the ER to treat flu-like symptoms he was experiencing. “Kim constantly worries that Kanye works too much and that the high level of stress he puts on himself really hurts his health,” a Kardashian insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “Kim loves her husband and gets a lot of inspiration from his drive and creativity, but she worries too. Kim sees how hard Kanye works, putting in countless hours, all day and night every single week and she fears he works too much.”

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