Hailey Baldwin Turned On By Justin Bieber’s New Song ‘No Brainer’

Hailey Baldwin is here for Justin Bieber’s latest song ‘No Brainer’! A source close to Hailey told HL EXCLUSIVELY how she reacted the steamy lyrics!

Justin Bieber‘s new song “No Brainer” just dropped and not only are we total fans of it, but so is his fiancee Hailey Baldwin. A source close to Hailey told us EXCLUSIVELY that she’s completely “turned on” by the lyrics. “Hailey melted when Justin told her she helped inspire some of his vocals in his new song,” our source said. “Justin always reminds her that she is drop dead gorgeous and that she moves his soul, so hearing him sing the words in the song means a lot to her. Being a part of Justin’s music makes Hailey feel special and she has been listening to his new song non-stop.”

When it comes down to it, she thinks “No Brainer” proves that her fiance is beyond talented. “Hailey loves Justin’s new song,” our source went on to say. “She thinks he is so amazingly talented and watching him work in the studio is a total turn-on. She felt so lucky to be with Justin when he laid down some of the vocals for his new song with DJ Khaled and she thinks it is awesome to have been able to watch it come together now that it is out for the world to enjoy too.”

And Hailey’s feelings are definitely echoed in Justin. In fact, the singer hopes that this “honeymoon” phase of their relationship never ever ends. “He honestly believes that the euphoria he feels for her is going to last forever,” our source added. “The so-called honeymoon phase is something he believes will not just be a phase, but a way of life. That is why he is so excited to be with her.”

Updated: July 27, 2018 — 11:56 pm
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